Yesterday I submitted my week 2 project and I’m pretty happy with it.  I definitely learned some things to think about when doing responsive design.  I started with the desktop version and worked my way down to the smaller sizes but ran into some issues when I got to the mobile version.  I ended up […]

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Week 2 Recap

Today is the end of my second week at The Iron Yard!  We covered responsive design and fluid layouts, creating html forms, inspecting your code using Chrome dev tools, and version control with git.  This concludes all of our lessons on html and CSS and next we will be learning javascript.  I think I’ve gotten […]

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git it?

Yesterday we covered forms.  It’s pretty straightforward, but once again it comes down to getting the formatting and display correct.  I wish we would’ve learned a little bit about how this information is received by the back-end but I know that we will cover that at some point. Today we are covering version control with […]

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Last day of html

  Responsive design was really a test of my understanding of flexbox.  It was a little tricky at first but after doing a couple of exercises and trying different things is started to make sense.  Overall, the media queries make sense it’s just a matter of figuring out how to manipulate the layout to get […]

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Responsive Design

The first week flew by and after a long weekend we’re back at it.  I was able to finish our first weekly project on Saturday so I feel pretty good about that.  They said they might have some extra features to add if we’ve already finished so that will be a fun challenge. Today’s topic […]

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Boxes!  Boxes everywhere!  I feel like Oprah giving out all these boxes!  Flexbox is a neat feature in CSS that allows you to organize and layout elements inside of a particular div.  The fact that it only applies to the direct children of the element makes it really powerful for creating page layouts.  It allows […]

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Yesterday we covered CSS focusing on fonts, backgrounds, tables, borders, margin, and padding.  It all seems pretty straightforward but it can get pretty confusing and frustrating.  We had two projects due yesterday trying to style webpages to match a picture.  I think a lot of us struggled to get both done.  I was able to […]

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