Backend with node

Last week we started learning backend fundamentals.  We’ve been using node which allows us to use javascript on the server side.  Currently we are only using our own local server, connecting through localhost.  This has definitely been a change from front end as front end is very visual and allows to you to see what you are doing.  We have been using several dependencies and middleware such as express, mustache, and busboy to create some simple applications.  Express is a framework for node, mustache provides a template for displaying information in html, and busboy helps with uploading files.  We have learned about using form data, validating form data, and creating sessions.  For the most part, I understand how it works and how to use it but it is harder to put into words.  Yesterday we learned about MVC which stands for model, view, controller.  I like the idea of this because it adds more structure and organization to an application but it also seems to add a little bit of complexity.  I’m sure it will become clearer with more practice.

Today we are learning about databases using PostgreSQL.  It seems pretty straightforward but I’m looking forward to learning this and then putting it together with node.  Our currently weekly project is to build a hangman type game.  I had it pretty much done and then we learned about MVC and now I need to go back and break up my code.  I think it’s a lot harder to do after the fact.